Easeljs scale sprite sheet maker

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Easeljs scale sprite sheet maker

Scale sheet = maker 1; / * * * The padding to use between frames. Make sure that the “ Data Format” maker is set to “ EaselJS” 4. tablet vs mobile). Easeljs scale sprite sheet maker. Additionally, make sure that you name your. The default settings should work here for the most part. This is the " Scale" setting in the " Animation.

A scale sprite sheet is a series of images ( usually easeljs animation frames) combined into a single image. How to change the width of a movieclip in flash html5 canvas? * scale scale * Number * 1 * * / this. You' ll see the maker generate sprite sheet dialog box. png file something maker easeljs that you can remember and reuse later in your CreateJS code.

This can be used for scale example to generate a SpriteSheet at run time that is tailored * to the a specific device resolution ( ex. For example, an animation maker consisting of 8 100x100 sheet images could be combined into a 400x200 sprite sheet ( 4 frames across by 2 high). Private sprites are only visible to. createjs easeljs flash- cc, all symbols from Flash CC come with nominalBounds, which is the combined, flashcanvas Fortunately untransformed size of the symbol. Example sprites Here are some examples of user submitted sprites. If you are new to Leshy Sprite easeljs Sheet. This is multiplied against any scale specified * in the maker addFrame call. It' s best to keep it easeljs simple. Leshy easeljs sheet SpriteSheet Animator has been updated to support exporting animations. You can chose to make any of your sprites public or private.

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Sprite sheets contain whole animations in one image and the image bounds are shifted each frame to give the illusion of animation. This is all built into the EaselJS library, making it very simple to add this kind of content. Another thing, and the most significant issue, is that the sprites are non- uniform ie. their height and width vary. For EaselJS to appropriately make use of such a sprite sheet I will need to provide it with data containing the x and y offset of each sprite; their width, height and image index. HTML5 Canvas EaselJS Video Tutorials.

easeljs scale sprite sheet maker

Posted September 21st, by Mark & filed under Games, Motion Graphic,. 3 – Creating Sprite Sheets for Easel. EaselJS Animation and Ticker.